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    Welcome to the Home of the Jr Admirals


    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.  Practice resumes today and games this weekend.  The EVHL playoff schedules are being worked on and the Feb games and playoff games will be posted by the weekend.  


    Just a reminder that HRYHA activities including practices and games will be off Monday November 25th thru December 1st.  Practices resume Monday December 2nd and games resume December 7th.  

    Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday.


    DEC 7 SAT 7:00AM 8:20AM Iceplex PW HR2 P1
    DEC 7 SAT 8:30AM 9:50AM Iceplex MG HR1 P1
    DEC 7 SAT 4:15PM 5:30PM ICELAND PW P2 HR1
    DEC 7 SAT 5:45PM 7:00PM ICELAND SQT HR1/P1 HR2/HR3
    DEC 8 SUN 8:25AM 9:45AM Iceplex MG P1 P2
    DEC 8 SUN 10:15 AM 11:30 AM ICELAND BN P1/P2 HR1
    DEC 13 FRI 6:15PM 7:30PM ICELAND SQT HR2 HR3
    DEC 14 SAT 7:00AM 8:20AM Iceplex BN P2 P1
    DEC 14 SAT 7:00AM 8:15AM ICELAND SQT P1 HR1
    DEC 14 SAT 8:30AM 9:50AM Iceplex MG HR1 P2
    DEC 14 SAT 4:00pm 5:30pm ICELAND PWA  DAWGS HR
    DEC 15 SUN 8:25AM 9:45AM Iceplex BN HR1 P2
    DEC 15 SUN 6:00am 7:30am ICELAND PWA  STARS DAWGS
    DEC 15 SUN 7:40am 9:10am ICELAND PWA  STINGRAYS HR
    DEC 15 SUN 11:50am 1:20pm ICELAND PWA  STARS HR
    DEC 15 SUN 3:00PM 4:00pm ICELAND MITES HR1/HR2 P1/P2
    DEC 21 SAT 7:00AM 8:20AM Iceplex HOLIDAY BREAK
    DEC 21 SAT 7:00AM 8:00AM ICELAND
    DEC 21 SAT 8:30AM 9:50AM Iceplex
    DEC 21 SAT 4:15PM 5:30PM ICELAND
    DEC 21 SAT 5:45PM 7:00PM ICELAND
    DEC 22 SUN 8:25AM 9:45AM Iceplex



    The Hampton Roads Youth Hockey Association will conduct a USA Hockey Try Hockey for Free Day Saturday November 9th, 2019 10:00am at Iceland Family Skating Center.

    The Hampton Roads Youth Hockey Association wants to encourage kids, ages 4 to 9. We will have limited equipment available for use. Our top HRYHA coaches will be on the ice to assist your child in learning the basics. Your son or daughter does not need any previous skating or hockey experience.

    Welcome Back

    Welcome back to the Fall 2019-2020 Hockey season. Below is the practice schedule and some guidelines.
    Monday:  6:40pm  U14/U18  Bn/Mg

    Tuesday :  6:00pm  U8 Cross Ice Mites

                    7:00pm  U10  Squirts

                    8:00pm  U12   Peewees

                    9:00pm   U14/U18   Bantam and Midgets


                    5:30pm    U8 Cross Ice Mites

                    6:30pm    U10  Squirts

                    7:30pm    U12  Peewees


                    6:30pm   U10/U12 Select Teams

    Some Important Guidelines:

    When you arrive for practice, check the board for locker room assignments and proceed directly to the locker rooms with your gear.  All players must get dressed in their assigned locker rooms and all player equipment bags must be in the locker room.
    All players are required to wear neck guards and mouthpieces.  Iceland will have items on hand for purchase.
    Roller blades and roller hockey is prohibited in the rink.
    No puck or ball shooting anywhere in the rink area including the locker room areas.
    If you need jerseys they can be purchased at Iceland.  Keep in mind that the jerseys are changing for the 2020-2021 season so you you can still use you current jerseys then that would be the best.
    Players cannot enter the ice area until the zam doors are closed and there are coaches on the ice-no exceptions.

    The first week of practices are always very chaotic so we recommend that you get to the rink at least 30 minutes prior to your practice time and get you gear to the locker room as quickly as possible.  Coaches will be present to assist and answer any questions you may have.

    Have fun this season.


    Just a reminder to sign up for the Fall House season.  


    Welcome back for the Fall 2019 House Hockey season.  We plan to field teams at Cross Ice Mites (2011 and younger), U10 Squirts (2009-2010), U12 Peewee (2007-2008), U14 Bantam (2005-2006), and U18 Mg (2001/02/03/04).

    Early registration is now available online and dues can be paid in full or in payments.  The Dues are as follows:

    Cross Ice Mites  $635

    U10/U12/U14/U18  $985

    If the payment selection is made then there is a $200 at registration and then 3 monthly payments beginning in September.

    If there are two registered goalies on a team the goalie fee will be $570.  This does not apply to Cross Ice Mites.

    For the payment plan, there is no SportNGIN service fee.  The Early registration fees end August 15th.  We encourage everyone to register as quickly as possible so team counts and scheduling can be done.  Both HRYHA and PYHA expect to filed teams at all age groups.

    For families that register more than one player, there is a $100 discount for the second and third family player.

    Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Practices start the week of September 9th and games begin the October 5th weekend.

    HRYHA and Warrior For Life Fund Announce Partnership

    Hampton Roads Youth Hockey and the Warrior for Life Fund (both 501c organizations) have agreed to partner to build a new ice arena facility in Virginia Beach to both promote the growth of hockey and to provide a venue to support the military community in the Tidewater area.

    Below are two articles providing more details on this important project. Once completed all HRYHA programs as well as all the other activities at Iceland will move to the new facility under the Warrior for Life Fund organization.  

    The Warrior For Life Fund has tremendous support from the Navy Seal Foundation and the Boston Bruin Alumni and Boston Bruin Foundation.  There are two fundraising hockey games planned for October 26 in Boston and October 27th in New York city between the Boston Bruin Alumni and the New York Rangers.  Information on these games is on the Warrior for Life Fund site (see link below).

    The efforts for this project were officially kicked off last weekend when 7 Boston Bruin Alumni attended our Hockey camp event at Iceland.  The players spent 4 days touring Hampton Roads and were very impressed with the area and the level of play with our players.  They also joined  the Adult Sled team and played in an exhibition game.  The players had a great time and were very pumped about our project.

    Beginning in the 2020-2021 season HRYHA will adopt a new name and team colors.  The new name will be the Hampton Roads Youth Hockey Warrior program to coincide with the new arena.  New uniforms will be adopted with the Warrior for Life crest.  The Warrior for life colors are red, white and blue and the new uniforms will reflect this color combination.  An example of the jersey and crest are also below. These changes will not take effect until 2021.  

    Prior to the start of this season, we will schedule some information meetings to keep everyone up to date on our progress. We have already visited several brand new facilities and have plans to visit 2 to 3 more this fall as we prepare for the transition.

    Many of our members have asked about getting involved and we will definitely accept your help.  More information will follow on this.  Feel free to contact Rich Appleby ( or Bob Pizzini ( for information on this important project.



    Below is the schedule for Friday's Bruin Alumni Event.  The players who have registered to attend have been assigned to groups.  If there are any other players who wish to attend, please email me at  This is going to be a very crowded event and we would ask the players to come to the rink already dressed if possible and go directly to the assigned locker rooms upon arrival.  Please wear your game jersey.  The following Bruin Alumni members will be in attendance:

    Rick Middleton, Ken Hodge, Bruce Crowder, Frank Simonetti, Tim Sweeney Sr, Tim Sweeney Jr, Bob Sweeney, and David Jensen.

    Mission BBQ will cater the event and the Bruin Alumni group will be available after the sessions for meet, greet, and autographs.

    Sunday at 1:00pm will be the HRYHA Membership meeting were we will review next season's plans and the future Warrior Ice Center Project.

    We look forward to seeing all of you Friday and Sunday

    Bruin Alumni Schedule Friday July 12th

    Friday, 7/12/19 Time Where
    Youth Clinic-GROUP 1 5:00-5:40 PM Iceland Family Skating Center                           
    Youth Clinic-GROUP 2 5:45-6:25 PM Iceland Family Skating Center
    Youth Clinic-GROUP 3 6:30-7:15 PM Iceland Family Skating Center
    Challenge Sled Hockey Team Skate Around 7:30 PM Iceland Family Skating Center
    Mission BBQ Sponsored by Boston Bruins 6:30 PM Grassy Knoll @ Iceland
    Autograph Session Begins 7:30 PM Grassy Knoll @ Iceland
    Sunday, 7/14/19  Time Where
    HRYHA Membership Meeting 1:00pm-2:15pm Iceland Family Skating Center

    GROUP 1 5:00PM

    5:00-5:40 Mites/Squirts    
    Granata, N. Anderson, C. Liptak, V. Robinson
    Giordano Anderson, B. Snowdeal, L. Trotman, W.
    Hall Deroller Krendl Tyssen
    Ford, J. Foley Scoggin, R. Owens
    Langman Hayes Rowland Neill
    Liptak, T. Toboy Fahrenbach Kurtz
    Barry McLaughlin Van Auken Scoggin, C.
    Witt Knasas Corry Jackson
    Current Ulrich Ingalls  

    GROUP 2 5:45PM

    5:45-6:25 PeeWees  
    Granata, M. Morrell Tapp
    Butler Ford, E. Field
    Rawls Richmond Trotman, P.
    Anderson, T. Persinger Meadows, B.
    McCormick, K. Grese Corcoran
    McDonald Reid, O. Snowdeal, T.
    Covington Redi, T. Oehlberg

    GROUP 3 6:30PM

    6:30-7:10 Bantam/MGT  
    McCormick, D. Meadows, S. Pizzini
    Brokaw Silvanic, N. Garbarino, R.
    Gehl Petko Silvanis, S.
    Clarke Faatz Kimener
    Poole Simpson Kaster
    Garbarino, A. Thomas, G. Thomas, J.

    The Registration "Welcome to the Home of the Jr Admirals" is not currently available.


    This is a reminder about the upcoming event at Iceland Friday July 12th with the Warrior for Life Fund(  and the Boston Bruins.  This event is in support in the initiative to build a state of the art facility in Virginia Beach.  Warrior for Life Fund and Hampton Roads Youth Hockey Association have partnered together in this project with support on many organizations including the Navy Seal Foundation and the Boston Bruin Alumni Association.

    There will be a number of Boston Bruin Alumni attending this event.  For the hockey program, we have scheduled a short coach's clinic and two youth clinic sessions.  In addition, there is a meet, greet and autograph session and there will be catered food for all.  Below is the schedule of events for Friday July 12th.  We will be posting a Clinic registration form for the players who wish to attend.  There is no charge but the sessions will have a limited number of players.  The first session will be for Mite/Squirt age players and the second session will be for PW and up.

    Sunday at 1:00 pm at Iceland will be a HRYHA membership meeting where we will discuss not only next season's details, but also our long term plan for the new facility.  This meeting is open to current HRYHA families and players.  The meeting will last about one hour.

    We encourage all of our hockey families to come out on Friday and meet the Bruins, the Warrior for Life Fund members, and the Hryha board and have some fun.

    Coaches Clinic 5:00-5:30 PM
    Youth Hockey Clinic - 1st Session Mites & Squirts 5:30-6:15 PM
    Youth Hockey Clinic - 2nd Session PW & Bantams 6:30-7:15 PM
    Challenge Sled Hockey Team Skate Around 7:30 PM
    Mission BBQ Sponsored by Boston Bruins 6:30 PM
          -VIP Area in The Big Grill Restaurant Open during BBQ
    Autograph Session Begins 7:30 PM


    An email announcement will be sent when the clinic registrations are ready.  There is no registration needed for the Coach's clinic. Just bring skates, stick and helmet.


    Hampton Roads Youth Hockey Association has partnered with the Warrior for Life Fund Organization for a major project in Virginia Beach.  To announce and promote this program HRYHA will be hosting a Youth Hockey Event  July 11-14 at Iceland.  Below is some information from the Warrior for Life Fund web site:

    "The Warrior For Life Fund, in collaboration with the Navy Seal Foundation, aims to raise at least 3.5 million dollars in order to build the Warrior Ice Center: a two-sheet complex and community facility. The center will host programs to support the unique needs of military families, while easing the difficulties associated with deployment, combat, disability, and re-acclimation into society. The Warrior Ice Center will serve the local military community and civilians in and around Virginia Beach, Virginia, which is home to the largest concentration of active duty and retired military personnel in the world."

    The Warrior Ice Center will also be the new home of the Hampton Roads Youth Hockey program and all current activities at Iceland.

    To kick off this event the Boston Bruin Alumni Association will have up to 10 Boston Bruin players (some retired and some active) attending this kick off.

    The Youth Hockey portion will be conducted on Friday July 12th.  In addition to the Press Event, the Bruin players will conduct a clinic for our coaches and two player clinics.   Times for these events will be posted soon and there will be a required registration process for both coaches and youth players.  There will be food and refreshments and an opportunity to meet and mingle with the players.

    Sunday July 14th will be the annual HRYHA Membership meeting where next season details will be discussed as well as more information on the Warrior for Life Fund project.

    More details will be posted as they are finalized.



    Iceland will offer Power Skating Sessions throughout the summer but due to Camps will not be offered every Wednesday.  Please check the Iceland website for Power Skating dates and times.


    For Tuesday June 18th sessions all cross ice mites(2011 and younger) will play at 6:10pm and all Elementary players (2010/2009/2008/2007) will play at 7:20pm.  Next week times will be 6:00pm and 7:00pm.  For the JV/Mg age group(2006 and older) the Summer Pond will start next Tuesday June 28th.  As of right now there are not enough registrations at this level.  If we are unable to get enough JV/MG registered by next Tuesday, we will refund any dues paid for Pond Hockey.



    Divisions/Age Groups:*

    Cross Ice Mites (2011 and younger) - 6:00pm

    Elementary (2010/2009/2008/2007) - 7:00pm

    JV/HS (2006 and older) - 8:00pm



    4 Games ($80.00)

    6 Games ($110.00)

    8 Games ($140.00)


    Warrior for Life Fund

       From active duty to retirement, the Warrior for Life Fund supports our warriors as they transition through the unique challenges of combat by providing programs and infrastructure designed  to support service members and their families long-term.
    Through veterans, family support and community programs, the Fund will ensure the bond of service remains unbroken.  The Warrior for Life Fund will memorialize the history and heritage of military service and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
      The Warrior for Life Fund, in collaboration with the Navy Seal Foundation, has a goal to raise 3.5 million dollars to assist  and shape the design and build of the Warrior Ice Center, a two sheet ice complex and community center planned for  Virginia Beach, VA, home to the largest concentration of active duty  and retired military personnel in the world.  In exchange the Warrior  for Life Fund and Navy SEAL Foundation Hockey Programs will receive preferred ice times at discount rates, dedicated locker room with sled storage, study room for children, an Honor  Wall that will pay tribute to service members from all branches. In addition the main rink will meet  Paralympics standards to accommodate the areas rapidly growing sled hockey programs. Most importantly the Warrior Ice Center will host the programs which support the unique needs of families from  all branches of the military, easing the difficulties associated with  deployment, combat, disability and re-acclimation into society while also serving First Responder’s and the civilian  hockey community in Virginia Beach.


    Below are the Pond Spring Teams.  They are still subject to change based on late registrations but these are good for tonight.

    If we have missed adding your player or you are registering late, see Casey Hall and he will assist with assigning to a team.

    Have Fun!!


    First Name Last Name Age Group/ Division Team
    Easton Fahrenbach Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Dark
    Ayden Foley Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Dark
    Alexander Kerzner Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Dark
    Trey Mitchell Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Dark
    Jackston Neill Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Dark
    Hunter Odens Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Dark
    Lyric Ingalls Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Light
    Dylan Musto Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Light
    RYAN ROBINSON Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Light
    Ethan  Schiffer Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Light
    Landon Snowdeal Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Light
    Chase Tyssen Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Light
    Finnigan  Van Auken  Cross Ice MItes (2011 and younger) Light
    Cooper Anderson Elementary Division (2009/2010) Dark
    Cam Hall Elementary Division (2009/2010) Dark
    Sarina John Elementary Division (2009/2010) Dark
    Peter Pettit Elementary Division (2009/2010) Dark
    Gabriel Tardiff Elementary Division (2009/2010) Dark
    Trey Ulrich Elementary Division (2009/2010) Dark
    Brady Langman Elementary Division (2009/2010) Dark
    Lukas Barry Elementary Division (2009/2010) Light
    Grant Bolte Elementary Division (2009/2010) Light
    Carter DeRoller Elementary Division (2009/2010) Light
    Nicholas Granata Elementary Division (2009/2010) Light
    Luke Krendl Elementary Division (2009/2010) Light
    Kayle Olszyk Elementary Division (2009/2010) Light
    isaac bobrowitz HS Division (2005 and Older) Dark
    Matthew Gerber HS Division (2005 and Older) Dark
    Spencer Goodman HS Division (2005 and Older) Dark
    Matthew Goodman HS Division (2005 and Older) Dark
    Brent O Leary HS Division (2005 and Older) Dark
    Chad O Leary HS Division (2005 and Older) Dark
    Tug Romsland HS Division (2005 and Older) Dark
    Finnegan Harney HS Division (2005 and Older) Dark
    Kasside Brokaw HS Division (2005 and Older) Light
    Matthew  Clark HS Division (2005 and Older) Light
    Dale McCormick HS Division (2005 and Older) Light
    Nathaniel San Souci HS Division (2005 and Older) Light
    Nathan Silvanic HS Division (2005 and Older) Light
    Samuel Silvanic HS Division (2005 and Older) Light
    Thomas  Tyree HS Division (2005 and Older) Light
    Mats Witjes HS Division (2005 and Older) Light
    TYLER Anderson Jv Division (2006/07/08) Dark
    Tyler Butler Jv Division (2006/07/08) Dark
    Carson Cunningham Jv Division (2006/07/08) Dark
    Dominick Estes Jv Division (2006/07/08) Dark
    Liam Gocke Jv Division (2006/07/08) Dark
    Brady Grese Jv Division (2006/07/08) Dark
    Evan  Peters Jv Division (2006/07/08) Dark
    Oliver Reid Jv Division (2006/07/08) Dark
    Maeve Harney Jv Division (2006/07/08) Dark
    Tyler Armeli Jv Division (2006/07/08) Light
    Jackson Clements Jv Division (2006/07/08) Light
    Jaden John Jv Division (2006/07/08) Light
    Ben Kaster Jv Division (2006/07/08) Light
    Dax kimener Jv Division (2006/07/08) Light
    Kade McCormick Jv Division (2006/07/08) Light
    nikolai morrell Jv Division (2006/07/08) Light
    Tristan Reid Jv Division (2006/07/08) Light
    Alessio Simpson Jv Division (2006/07/08) Light


    Time to register.  Games start  Tuesday April 9th.


    We are in the early planning stages for next season's Select and Tournament team programs.  There will be two sessions for the following age groups:

    Tuesday April 2nd-6:00pm for Sqts (2009-2010 birth years) and PeeWees (2007-2008 birth years) and Wednesday April 3rd at 6:00pm

    Tuesday April 2nd-7:00pm for Bantams (2005-2006 birth years) and Mg U16(2003-2004 birth years) and Mg U18(2001-2002 birth years) and Wednesday April 3rd at 7:00pm.

    These sessions are open to all players interested in playing next season for the Sqt Select, Pw Select, Bantam Tournament and Mg Tournament teams.

    When you arrive at the rink the players must check in at the snack bar before heading to the locker rooms.


    For those who need jerseys this season they will be available for sizing and ordering next week at practice.  This year we will be stocking the jerseys at Iceland and all name plates and numbers will be installed there.  All jersey requests will be filled prior to the start of the games the weekend of Sept 29/30.  Iceland will have the master list of players numbers to assist with picking numbers.  Socks will also be available.  Jersey and sock cost will be posted this week.


    Below are the dates for the Sqt and Peewee Select teams and the Bantam and Midget Tournament teams for Team finalization skates:

    Sqt and PeeWee Select             Tuesday August 21 7:15pm

                                                  Saturday August 25 4:15pm

    Bn and Mg Tournament teams   Saturday August 25 5:30pm

                                                  Sunday August 26 11:15am

      Remember that to participate in the Select and Tournament team program that the players must be registered to play house hockey.  The House registration is available on line.

    The Select and Tournament team registration is on line.

    The Sqt Select team will play a 12 game season based on 6 weekends of play with 2 games per weekend. There are 3 home weekends and 3 away weekends. There will be 12 shared practices and the roster will be a minimum of 14 players and max of 17 players.  The season fee will be $595 payable in 4 payments.

    The PW Select team will play a 16 game season based on 4 home weekends and 4 away weekends with 2 games each weekend.  There will be 12 shared practices and the roster will be a minimum of 14 players with a max or 17 players. The season fee will be $695 payable in 4 payments.

    The BN Tournament team will play in 4 out of town tournaments and up to 4 exhibition games.  The tournament weekends are:

    Oct 5-8  Washington DC

    Nov 30-Dec 2 Charlotte

    Jan 18-21  Philadelphia

    Feb 15-18  Washington DC

    There are also 2 away exhibition games planned vs Navy.  There will be 20 shared practices with a minimum roster of 14 players and a max of 17 players.  The season fee will be $795 payable in 4 payments.

    The MG Tournament team program will mirror the BN Tournament plan like last year.  The roster sizes will be the same and the fee will be $795 payable in 4 payments.

    The Select and Tournament registration form will be live Thursday am.  You are encouraged to register prior to the final tryout/evaluation skates later this month.  If a registered player does not end up playing on these teams, the deposit will be refunded.

    Keep in mind that only House registered players are eligible to participate in this program and it is open to ALL house players in the Hampton Roads area from all 3 rinks.

    If you have any questions you can email me at or call me at 757.470.0973



    Iceland is preparing to replace the ice making equipment soon.  The current water cooling ice system that uses compressors, chiller barrel and a water tower, is being converted to an air cooled system which does not use compressors or a water tower. This is a major upgrade to the ice making system.  In preparation for this,  major electrical and piping work must be done.  As a result Iceland will be operating on a reduced schedule for the next couple of weeks.  The Spring Pond hockey program will not be affected by this. Iceland will be posting their activity schedules at  


    Players interested in participating in the Fall Season Select and Tournament teams are invited to attend the interest skates May 5th and 6th.  The following is the schedule:

    Saturday May 5  4:10-5:10  Bn and Mg players

                             5:25-6:25  Sqt and PW players

    Sunday May 6    10:30-11:30  Bn and Mg

                            11:45-12:45  Sqt and PW

    The next sessions will not be held until August so we encourage all interested players to attend and meet the coaches and staff.

    Warrior For Life Fund Video

    Check out this website